Sunday, September 26, 2010

Alice goes on a trip

Besides the obligatory viewing of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland during ones youth, I never bothered to look into the actual books until last week. After being left confounded by some of its dialogue, I decided to see if the movie cleared some of it up.

This made me notice something I obviously hadn’t done as a child, and maybe I’m just over analyzing but, there seems to be a heap of drug symbolism showing up in the movie. Or am I simply seeing things that are not there?


  1. I think Alice in Wonderland is a wonderful exemple of how to make a kid movie yet keeping adult interested, the kids don't get the whole drug context while adults are entertained by that very context. Nice blog btw :)

  2. Cool man!
    Nice post
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  3. I don't remember this caterpiller at all, I might have to rewatch the entire movie.

  4. dang, now i have to rewatch the hole movie



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